Customised Training and Workshops

The First Line of Defence: Get everyone on the ‘same page’ 

Do you and your staff have a common understanding of how your organisation defines corruption, and what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour? Are they comfortable reporting suspected cases of fraud or corruption, and if so, do they know who to report it to?  Do your managers understand the integral role they play in corruption prevention, and the various red flags to look for?  Are they equipped to handle and manage cases of suspected fraud or corruption if reported to them?

Organisational corruption is not a question of a ‘few bad apples’, it is a management problem, and primarily a consequence of weak governance.  Despite training and sensitisation being an organisation’s first line of defence, there is a tendency to overlook the more important ‘softer’ controls, in favour of the less effective but easier to implement ‘harder’ controls.

Use corruption prevention as your first line of defence

It’s more effective to prevent corruption than it is to detect it after the fact.  Staff training and sensitisation workshops are the key to corruption prevention.  We balance a pragmatic training approach with addressing key aspects of a regulatory environment. Our knowledge is built on our experience with developing and carrying out a number of global anti-corruption training and sensitisation workshops, our hands-on practical knowledge of fraud and corruption, and an extensive knowledge of international regulatory environments.

Our training workshops are customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements, and use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.

Select from our training offerings

We offer customised training sessions covering a range of integrity related topics.  These include include:

  • Principles of corruption prevention
  • Anti-corruption regulatory frameworks
  • Understanding and evaluating the risk of corruption
  • Anti-Bribery
  • Conflicts of interest and how to manage them
  • Management styles and ethical decision making
  • Good governance for non-profits

Examples of  training workshops carried out by Integritas360.

In addition to this, Integritas360 works with key partners to raise awareness of corruption related issues within the charity and international development sectors (including emerging and frontier markets), and has been asked to carry out seminars and to facilitate and present at various events

Scheduled corruption prevention training courses and workshops:

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