Free ‘Ethi-Call’ Helpline

Integritas360 - 'Ethi-call' Ethical HelplineETHI-CALL Helpline – Call 1800 672 303 (Australia)

Facing an ethical dilemma? Need advice? If so, a conversation with an objective, independent Ethi-call operator can be just the answer.

Ethical challenges can – and do – arise frequently.  In support of this, Ethi-call is a free ethical helpline that can help guide you through the ethical dimensions associated with an ethical challenge faced.

Rather then telling you what the “right” thing to do is, the Ethi-call team provides a structured space for you to explore your situation, and to make a decision that best aligns with your own values and principles.

Benefits of the service include:

  • guidance in working through your dilemma from an ethical perspective
  • assistance in untangling the “knot” that is causing concern or distress
  • a reflective space to clarify your thoughts
  • identification of options and ways forward
  • help in building the courage to implement your chosen course of action

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm by appointment, with sessions lasting up to one hour.

The Ethi-call service is provided by the Ethics Centre, a not-for-profit organisation with no religious or political affiliations. The Ethics Centre has been working for over 25 years to help people navigate the complexity and uncertainty of difficult ethical issues.